Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am. Online

Amy and Lauren's wedding

My neighbor, Mr. Casuccio from downstairs, said to me once that he opted out of buying a digital SLR because he'd start taking too many pictures. "I don't want to document my life the way many people do."

I do. So do an astounding and ever-growing number of people on the Interweb, from grandparents competing to have the best-documented infant on facebook to the Western European and American brigade that populates the realms of or

In an environment of instantaneous publication and feedback, artistic progress is collective. Community comments encourage, give technical advice, infuriate, drive towards change or development. With technology simplifying what used to be tied to hardware, editing and distribution are easy to navigate. And recording material - on your commute, on Sundays playing soccer in the park, before a concert - becomes a pass-time activity for people with access to intimate moments. Insights into their own lives.

Of course there are no rules in video publishing these days. A lot of people post videos in every stage (and here I'm talking about aspiring filmmakers from all backgrounds). Many videos are experiments, short-term projects, some thought out more or less. This gives insight into the artistic process. It's educational. Tricks are unveiled or the used equipment listed. Storytelling structures become apparent. You school your eye and emotional sensitivity.

Most importantly:
Life becomes one progressively more beautifully shot movie.
But are we missing something here?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

California Roadtrip II

A stop motion video I shot in California.

California Road Trip - Travel Log #2 from Lam Thuy Vo on Vimeo.

Mohanee, Mandana and John: thanks for the laughs!

Merci Beaucoup pour la musique!
"Walls" by Bottlesmoker (Netlabel: disconinjaz)
Licensed under the Creative Commons License

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is There a Cure For Cankles?

A video I produced about...uh...well, cankles.

This summer, women have a new body part to worry about: cankles. WSJ's Amy Chozick consults a personal trainer to find out whether you can do anything to reduce stubby ankles that run right into the calf.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brooklyn Filmmaker's Collective: video piece

BFC short from Lam Thuy Vo on Vimeo.

Not sure if I pulled this one off but this is supposed to be about the re-emergence of a person post break-up.

This will be screened at our collective's event "The End" at the Music Hall of Williamsburg: