Sunday, February 28, 2010

Of gangsters, haircuts and 80 billion guys

It's been a while but mainly cause I've been slaving over the film below. It was shown together with some other films from New York and Hong Kong at the Filmshop's screening event at the Music Hall of Williamsburg!

The 3-and-a-half-minute-long bugger took two weekends to produce, two weekends to shoot and one weekend to cut. Altogether it was an interesting experience to me because I'm used to working with what I can get with the access, time and characters I'm provided as a video journalist. But when it comes to film, you gotta be one meticulous dictator. Storyboarding, acting, a lot of that is in a director's hands and takes a long time to plan out... very different from turning around a piece within a day or two. Well, in any case. Tadaa!

Bluffing from Lam Thuy Vo on Vimeo.

Cameras: 2 x Canon 5d Mark ii
Audio: Marantz PMD660

Son: Joshua Wolper
Father: Andrew Ng
Gangster 1: Reggie Ho
Gangster 2: Jackie Chow
Gangster 3: Anna Li
Father's Girlfriend: Sompor Wannapat Suranant

Directors of Photography: Darren Hayward, Nora Tejada
Sound Design: Tristan Ahtone, Emile Denichaud
Stylist and location scout: Catherine Tai
Editing: Lam Thuy Vo
Director: Lam Thuy Vo
Writers: Kieran O'Hare and Lam Thuy Vo
Producers: Lam Thuy Vo and Catherine Tai
Music: Onra
Production Assistants Thomas Derpinghaus; Steven Case
Special Thanks: Tim O'Roarke; David Chan

Please also watch some of the films and a trailer that were part of the screening and I could find on the web:

From the Hong Kong chapter:
Canned by Julian Harley, Thomas Derpinghaus, Nora Tejada and Tammie Rhee

From the New York chapter:
The Williamsburg Hair by Matt Rivera and Zachary Timm:

The Williamsburg Hair from Aligned Creative LLC on Vimeo.

A film produced by Zach Timm and Matt Rivera for the Filmshop Presents Unprotected screening about Gawker's infamous Williamsburg Hair (Chris Lancaster).

more info about the Filmshop got to:

Giant Orange Head by Sean Yeaton:

"Untitled" Giant Orange Head from Sean Yeaton on Vimeo.

A short film. hi 8. based on a joke I heard and loved.

80 Billion Guys Trailer from Kieran Michael O'Hare on Vimeo.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Recent WSJ work: from banker to thespian and from engineer to photographer

A multimedia project on three people who changed their jobs (Shout out goes to Tom DiFonzo for tackling the video project in London and Nan Wu for patiently watching me fumble around with flash templates):

lion came to our offices!

Lion came to our office for CNY from Lam Thuy Vo on Vimeo.

It was fun

lion at office

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recent WSJ Work: Lunar New Year FOODS!

It's lunar new year soon. Yay! So we'll be going out to see dragon dances and fill our bellies with lotsa food that's bad for us.

My Mother's Korean Mandu Recipe

For Korean-American author Min Jin Lee, you can't celebrate New Year's without a steaming bowl of tteok mandu guk. She shows WSJ's Makiko Segawa how to make her mother's special recipe of the dumpling and rice-cake soup.

Splurging on Lunar New Year Food

Turtle stew is one of many pricey dishes that Chinese restaurant diners feast on at lunar new year. WSJ's Jason Chow gives a rundown of the most expensive, festive treats.

Recent WSJ work: an Audi named Mr. Bean and amphibian love

Vanity License Plates: How Much Would You Pay?

Hong Kong car enthusiast Jackie Rain paid about 1,300 USD for a license plate that says: "Mr. Bean." It's a costly purchase, but in this city, he's just one of many drivers willing to pay for a vanity license plate. WSJ's Laura Santini reports.

The Hedge Fund Manager and His Frog

Hedge fund manager Robert Appleby has a longtime passion for amphibians. His philanthropic funding for the study of frogs has resulted in the discovery of a new species named after him, Lam Thuy Vo reports.