Friday, March 26, 2010

Kings of Convenience concert

I almost didn't go, but the lovely lady in the second picture snuck me in.

Erlend Oye

Rina post-KOC

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recent WSJ work: Dim Sum Masters at Work

Grease under my feet as I'm stumbling through a slippery kitchen, 3000 USD worth of equipment in my hands.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Houston Rodeo Gorging

So my brother, two of my cousins and I spent a night at the Rodeo... though we ended missing most of the actual rodeo show because we were too busy eating batter-fried bacon and other goodies soaked in fat.

Edible heart attack

We also saw a lot of life stock, which exposed me to all sorts of bacteria and potential diseases a few days before a transatlantic flight... something I'm sure border control in Hong Kong wouldn't have been too thrilled about had they known. But how can you resist an Alpaca in a petting zoo when it creeps up behind you for a cuddle or a hard push?

It's been so long since I've been to the Rodeo. The last time I went I saw a dangly Bob Dylan croak country songs, strumming his guitar on a stage where a few moments before a man rode a bull. At the time, I felt very misplaced -- I had no idea who ZZ Top was. I pronounced the number π (pi) as "pee" because that's how you said it in German. I was a European teenager who was used to having all the freedom in the world and who was suddenly confronted with cops grazing highways after midnight for underaged kids. It took a while but in time I learned to appreciate Texan life: the enormity of everything from houses and people to food portions, the way that Texans always found a way to butcher my name and the long drives at night.

Texas will always have a special place in my heart - even if just in form of hardened gew in my arteries.

The fair:

Rodeo in Houston, TX

Rodeo fair

The life stock:
Rodeo in Houston, TX

Newly hatched


Monday, March 22, 2010

Beer Brewing in Brooklyn

What better way to spend your vacation than to witness the birth of a beer? Two days after my arrival in the US of A, Kieran and I strolled through Sunset Park to pay 'brothers' Mark and Jay a visit who were busy sullying a linoleum kitchen floor with brown, sweet liquid for a video. Kieran drew some sexually explicit comic versions of the two on the chalkboard cupboards while I was using my factory-perfect, little hands to cap a few dozen bottles at almost Chinese speed.

Despite my Germanness -- the passport and the 15 years spent munching on sausage and 'Bauernbrot' for breakfast -- I wouldn't really call myself an expert on beer or any liquors for that sake. But heck, even though not yet carbonated it was quite a delicious brew and made me want to damn my genes for making my body go berserk every time I drink.

In any case, the video of Mark and Jay brewing beer will soon be featured here:

Brother Mark and Jay brew beer

Brother Mark and Jay brew beer

Brother Mark and Jay brew beer

Brother Mark and Jay brew beer

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recent WSJ work: double-decker tram through Hong Kong

Featuring my visiting friend Emily looking bored and holding my tripod while I try to stay steady, shooting on the double-decker tram.