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In two weeks I will have to have packed up my life in a few suit cases.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Behind the Door - A Documentary about Robert Seng's "Knock Knock" Mural

Drawing inspiration from artist Robert Seng’s India Street mural "Knock Knock", this mockumentary explores the concept of ‘space and spectator’ through the story of one crazy fish-come-man.

Robert Seng was commissioned to paint a mural on a wall on India Street and decided to paint the image of a bricked up door on top of the existing door. Little did he know that he thereby attracted a lot of attention to an inverse merman, Steve Hook, who had set up another apartment behind that door. Bitter and rejected Hook wasn't thrilled about all this seeing that he had moved into the apartment behind the door to find solitude and peace and quiet behind it.

Directed and written by the amazing 14-year-old Josh Carrero and me
Starring Robert Seng and Andrew Russell Thomas
With music by Oc/crp (Phonocake) and Andrew Russell Thomas
With help from papier-mâché consultants Catherine Chao, Max Goodman and Hannah Karwatowska

Commissioned by Moviehouse and the North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition for the Moviehouse screening on September 8, 2009 on the walls of the India Street mural in Greenpoint

Wednesday, September 2, 2009