Monday, January 11, 2010

The best stories are done for an audience of one

Kieran said that to me recently, quoting an author. It was good to hear that when peers in my industry encourage me to garner an audience and gather clicks by the bucketload, even for my personal projects. It's disenchanting to see so many blogs I used to like drain their content of any charm, any individualism in favor for lists and instructions. Bloggers who want to be useful trade in genuine curiosity for a compulsion to gather links. Their time aggregating this information for your collective strength to lift them into temporary web stardom.

It's made me think about this blog. My memory box went from collecting personal experiences to being a platform for long rants about aesthetic theories. It now has morphed into photoblog that is punctuated with occasional musings. Maybe I'm not constructive and too introverted to be worthy of any publication space on the web. Maybe I'm not useful enough to really justify the existence of this blog. And yes, I do go to those other blogs after all, contribute to their 'popularity' in a purely numerical sense.

But I don't want to be one of these aggregators cause I suck at crawling the web like a google spider for content. I don't want to be a search engine with a half-baked opinion. I'd much rather spent my time offline making something that will be 'crawled upon' one day.

Monday, January 4, 2010

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