Thursday, November 1, 2012

Data Docs - an Attempt at Dynamic Video

A few months ago, I was asked by PBS/POV to partake in a hackathon. Filmmakers were paired with developers and online specialists.

I was pulled in to assist the very talented Joe Posner with animated op-ed videos. Our developer partner was Susan McGregor. We ended up conceptualizing a completely different project that we named "Data Docs."

We're still working on putting the piece together and making it functional, but here's the concept:
We want to create animations that explain data and explain both its value as a way to understand the world and its perils to skew reality. These animations would incorporate data that would be scraped live from continuously updated data bases and super-imposed onto pre-composed video animations. This would ensure that our videos would be evergreens and display the most up-to-date data.

We're hoping to get this done sometime before the end of this year. Fingers crossed!

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